The CNIL announces that it is investigating TikTok. With our colleagues from BFM Tech, the French authority for personal data indicates interest in “Issues of informing individuals, of the methods of exercising rights, of flows outside the European Union, and of measures taken with regard to minors”. This investigation is due to a complaint registered in May. A user had indicated that he had not succeeded in removing a video from the social network. The CNIL seeks to understand why and, above all, how TikTok works.

TikTok in the crosshairs of the authorities

This CNIL survey adds to the many problems that TikTok is currently experiencing. On the verge of being banned or sold in the United States, the Chinese social network is also in the sights of many European authorities, all worried about the operation of the application. “Protecting the privacy of our users and their security is a top priority for TikTok. We are aware of the Cnil investigation and fully cooperate with it. ” explains the French division of the group, ready to show white paw.

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