Franck Riester, Minister of Foreign Trade: “We must support African youth”


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Traveling in Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, Franck Riester, the Minister Delegate in charge of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, defines the axes of the “New Deal for Africa” ​​desired by President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with to France 24.

“What will make the difference in the relationship with African countries is the way we invest and how we interact with theAfrica, “explains the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in an interview given from the Ivorian economic capital, Abidjan.

There is a “desire to invest in long-term partnerships, in a win-win approach with partnerships where we respect our partners”, continues Franck Riester, for whom the “New Deal” relies on “youth and entrepreneurship” and notably involves “supporting States in the financing of infrastructure which is key and then supporting economic development”.

“We are in a sustainable and responsible approach; sustainable while respecting the environment and responsible by ensuring that social and societal issues are taken into account”, adds the Minister Delegate. To do this, Paris intends to “triple the SDRs [droits de tirage spéciaux, NDLR] : Increase them to the tune of 100 billion euros for Africa “in order to” find the ways and means for the financing of the debt to be sustainable and perennial “.

Franck Riester also returned to the desire to increase trade with English-speaking Africa and the need to manufacture vaccines against Covid-19 directly on the mainland. France has started work to create a vaccine production and distribution plant in Dakar, “because Africa needs to be able to produce vaccines on its soil for this pandemic, but also for the next ones”.

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