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The Franco-Iranian anthropologist, detained in Iran since June 2019, has been released from prison on a temporary basis, his lawyer announced on Saturday. She remains in Tehran with her family under the control of an electronic bracelet.

The first good news. Detained in Iran since June 2019, the Franco-Iranian anthropologist Fariba Adelkhah has been released from prison on a temporary basis and remains in Tehran with his family under the control of an electronic bracelet, announced on the evening of Saturday, October 3, his lawyer.

Fariba Adelkhah “was released with an electronic bracelet. She is now with her family in Tehran. We have not yet been released. [donné] a date for his return to prison but we hope that this temporary release will become final “declared Me Saïd Dehghan.

“This does not change the root of the problem. Fariba remains a scientific prisoner, facing a five-year prison sentence, after an unfair ‘trial’, on the basis of inept accusations,” said for its part, the researcher’s support committee in a press release.

“We continue to fight”

“We therefore continue to fight so that the innocence of our colleague is recognized and that it recovers his freedom of research and movement. But we can now do it with a little balm in the heart”, he adds. .

A specialist in Shiism and post-revolutionary Iran at Sciences Po Paris, Fariba Adelkhah was arrested in early June 2019 in Tehran, as was her companion Roland Marchal, a renowned specialist in Africa who came to visit her.

The latter was released in March. But the researcher, born in Iran in 1959 and living in France for more than forty years, was sentenced on May 16 to five years in prison for “collusion with a view to endangering national security”.

>> France 24 interview with Roland Marchal, after nine months of detention in Iran: “The interrogations were unbearable”

In a “message to the Iranian authorities”, French President Emmanuel Macron ruled in early June that the anthropologist had been “arbitrarily arrested in Iran”. Deeming “unacceptable that she is still imprisoned”, the Head of State added that “justice orders that our compatriot be immediately released”.

The Iranian authorities, who do not recognize dual nationality, have always qualified as “unacceptable interference” the multiple calls for the release of Fariba Adelkhah launched by Paris.

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