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First, let’s start with a simple question, what is freestyle football? Freestyle soccer is simply the style and the ability to combine various soccer tricks in juggling and movement on the ground. It’s a new trend in football along with other types like five-a-side futsal and beach soccer. In a football context, freestyle is seen as less important to modern play. However, acrobatic football improves a footballer’s ability to control the ball.

Control of the ball is what I saw as the most important part of football ahead of other attributes like fitness and tactics. There is a saying that if you can control the ball you can control the game. In fact, I stumbled upon one of the players of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, an Inter Milan player, who says that as long as you have the ball, you will have the advantage. Yet the majority of footballers still ignore the importance of freestyle football. There are reasons behind this and one of them is that football tricks are difficult to perform and only add less to the modern game. That’s right, but let’s not forget the concept of ball control. Learning freestyle allows a player to improve his touches especially the first touch. A good first touch buys you thousands of mili seconds to give you an edge over the opposition.

Those seconds could change the game in an instant, especially in the modern game where it demands fast and furious football. Due to these reasons, they don’t even bother in the first place. On the other hand, those who love freestyle football saw it as something that they could express their creativity and improve ball control and touches at a greater height. But I’m more concerned about those who are ignorant and may not have the slightest interest in freestyle soccer. The problem is, they might not know where to start, especially after watching a series of freestyle videos on streaming sites like YouTube. I guess they only watched the tricky tricks and instead forget the basics of acrobatic football. I believe acrobatic football should start with the basics like juggling and planting before moving on to more advanced football tricks like around the world, crossover, flip flap and others. This is important because juggling is the principle of all types of ball control with dribbling. In this case, I will focus on juggling as it is related to freestyle football.

Juggle the ball

Simply done by doing kick ups without dropping the ball to the ground and extended to different parts of the body of the foot, thigh, shoulder and head. The goal is to be able to relate your juggling skills from one game to another. For example, transfer your juggling from the foot to the thigh. You can start with a simple transfer and move on to more advanced transfers like juggling from foot to thigh to head. Once you have mastered the juggling, you can start planting or propping up a soccer ball.

Plant the ball

The ability to balance the ball on a specific part of your body, such as balancing the ball on your foot. You can start by placing the ball on your foot and once you have mastered you can plant the ball while you juggle. For example, juggle your foot which is then transferred to your thigh, then balance it with your foot, i.e. the sole of the foot. Focusing on these two abilities will help you build your confidence to start learning some of the basic tricks of freestyle soccer. Improving your juggling and planting skills increases your coordination skills, especially when practicing your transfer or bonding skills. For this one, I would recommend round the world as it is the principle of all football tours. Once you have mastered this trick you have a great chance of doing other difficult football tricks like MATW, TATW, crossover, etc. rotation to complete the process.

Here are some basic things that you should constantly keep in mind. Similar to soccer, techniques are very important and I strongly encourage you to practice these tricks with a lot of dedication and once mastered you will begin to appreciate the beauty of freestyle soccer.

Source by Heikal Suhaili

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