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No The Mandalorian Season 2 for new French subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. While in many countries Microsoft offers one month of Disney + membership for any new subscription to its on-demand video game service, we won’t be eligible for that.

So do not frantically search for the option or the coupon mentioned by American or English sites on your console apps, Android or Windows, you won’t find them.

It is the person in charge of the communication Xbox France who confirmed it to us by e-mail.

“France is not affected by this offer. If this had been the case, the information would have been broadcast on our official channel, the French Xbox Wire. “

However, the offer is available in 18 countries, many of which are European and even in the European Union. We have turned to Disney for more information on this and are awaiting feedback from them.

And don’t rely on Epic either …

If you are a player of Fortnite, you’ve probably seen superhero party ads on your favorite game. In particular the one which evokes the donation of two months to the service of VoD of Disney. Well again, France is not part of the lot. Just like Japan, the Middle East, Brazil, part of Latin America, South Korea, Turkey and Russia.

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Sources: The Verge and epic

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