French intelligence solutions to monitor communications … despite 5G


The arrival of 5G risks make the use of IMSI-catcher inoperative, as we reported a few months ago. Intelligence services are therefore looking for solutions to circumvent the constraints of the new standard. The Express reports that 60 IMSI-catcher would be active in France.

Switch communications to 3G?

Unlike previous generations of mobile telephony, 5G generates ephemeral identities between the antenna and the smartphone, which will prevent IMSI-catcher from locating the user and capturing his information. One of the avenues of French intelligence would be to involve operators to identify the targeted terminals. But that would call into question the confidentiality of the operations and of the people monitored. But the most likely hypothesis will be to force the smartphone to connect to 3G.

An evolution of the Intelligence Law of 2015 seems essential to regulate these new methods. A debate is likely to be held next year. A working group will be set up in the Senate within the parliamentary intelligence delegation.

Source: TheExpress

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