This is a new record. The Jean Zay supercomputer of the Grand National Equipment for Intensive Computing (Genci) benefited from a hardware expansion last summer and now reaches a computing power of 28 petaflops, or 28 million billion operations per second. This places it at the top of all supercomputers dedicated to research in France. In particular, it overtakes Total’s Pangea III, which was until then the most powerful supercomputer in France. Currently relegated to 54th position in the TOP500 ranking, Jean Zay could now claim 10th place.

Inaugurated in January 2020, the Genci supercomputer is based on an architecture provided by the manufacturer HPE and has 89,344 computing cores supported by 2,696 GPU accelerators. It weighs 43 tonnes and consumes 2 MWh of electricity. It is used by 1,600 researchers through more than 600 research projects.

Source: CNRS

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