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From start to finish, this year 2020 will have been lived in the shadow of Covid-19, a destructive virus with a planetary impact. France 24 sums up this special year in 26 words, from A to Z, symbolic of a year that caught everyone off guard.

The year 2020 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. An essential stating the obvious when taking stock of an extraordinary year. If “Covid-19” like its big brother “coronavirus” are the all-category word champions of the year, our vocabulary has been enriched this year with expressions from medical and health jargon. But not only. Miscellany.

A like … Asymptomatic: A person infected with the virus and contagious without showing clinical signs. The worst nightmare to establish a health policy.

B for Bamboche: In 2020, “the bamboche is over!” This slightly paternalistic formula of the prefect of the Center-Val de Loire region, Pierre Pouëssel impressed the spirits and sums up the gloom to which our lives boiled down under the Covid-19: more restaurants, more bars, more nightclubs … And no exception to the curfew for December 31st.

C for Containment (and its derivatives): With Covid-19, it is the essential word of the year. At the height of the pandemic, more than half of humanity found itself confined, that is to say with the obligation to stay at home to prevent any spread of the virus. An unprecedented fact in history. Fortunately, after winter comes spring and after confinement comes “deconfinement”. However, if the second wave of the epidemic is not under control, there may also be “re-containment”. And so on…

D for Social Distancing: An unavoidable barrier gesture, it is the act of respecting a safety distance and reducing the number of contacts with other individuals during the day to limit the spread of the epidemic. The French Academy notes that this is an unhappy translation of the English “social distancing”.

E like EELV: Grand winner of the French municipal elections of 2020, the environmental party has won several town halls in coalition with leftist formations: in Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg, Poitiers or Tours… All have gone under the green banner.

F for Feminism: Word still and still relevant while violence against women increased during confinement, that women still do not earn as much as men and that Adèle Haenel had to leave the Caesars room in protest, after the award of that of best director to filmmaker Roman Polanski, accused by several women of sexual assault.

Caesar 2020: Dare feminism! “wish the Caesars would not vote Polanski”

G for War: On March 16, President Emmanuel Macron addresses the French. “We are at war,” he said six times. He wants to sound the “general mobilization” against an “enemy […] invisible, elusive. ”The tone is set, and it is martial.

H for Hydroxychloroquine: Presented as the miracle cure for Covid-19 by the professor of the IHU of Marseille Didier Raoult, this antimalarial was the object long debates within the scientific community on its real effectiveness against the coronavirus … And run a lot of ink on social networks.

I like Impeachment: At the beginning of the year, President Donald Trump, indicted by the House of Representatives, is tried by the Senate. He faces two charges: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Without surprise, he is acquitted on February 5 by a Senate with a Republican majority. He is only the fourth president to undergo this exceptional procedure.

J like Jean-Pierre Pernaut: The year 2020 will have marked the departure of a face well known to the French, that of the presenter of the 13 hours of TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The journalist, aged 70, announced his decision to stop this newspaper which he has been running since 1988. Soon Michel Drucker’s turn?

K for Kamala Harris: The senator from California will make history. Joe Biden’s running mate, she will become the first woman to become Vice President of the United States. “The first but not the last,” she promised.

L for Libido: At half-mast. According to various studies published on the subject, confinement has knocked out the libido of couples. It’s not easy to think of trifles when you’re locked in around the clock with children and the threat of an invisible virus.

M for World according to: Urban legend that we tell ourselves to try to cheer up in moments of depression due to Covid-19. Said of a utopia where the ways of functioning and thinking have become different thanks to a global awareness post-pandemic. We are still waiting. Maybe for 2021 …

N as Ammonium nitrate: It is this chemical compound that the Lebanese authorities suspect to be at the origin of violent explosions, which ravaged Beirut on August 4.

O for Uyghurs: In China, this Muslim minority is still oppressed and exploited in labor camps in Xinjang. A recent study showed that more than half a million of them were forced to work in cotton fields.

P for Not essential: Slogan displayed on the pediment of the Olympia since the government’s decision to close cultural venues to stem the pandemic recovery. Also title of a song by Grands Corps Malade, denouncing the fate of cultural activities in France. More correct form: “Non-essential”.

Q like QAnon: Riding on the health crisis that has shaken Europe since March, the QAnon conspiratorial network born in the United States in October 2017 is gaining followers on the continent thanks to social networks. Overall, conspiracy has gained ground as a result of the pandemic. As evidenced by the success of the documentary “Hold-up” in France, which claims to denounce the international cabal around the Covid-19.

R for Resilience: Popularized by neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik, this notion is defined as the ability of a group of individuals “to recover after an external disturbance”. Trendy concept in times of pandemic.

S for Separatism: Fight against separatism, against savagery, against Islamo-leftism … Taking up concepts anchored to the right of the right, the Macron government has undertaken a security shift embodied in particular by his new Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. A rhetorical turn and a legislative acceleration on the regal which shows that the executive intends to occupy the field and to be at the forefront in the fight against terrorism following the assassination of the teacher Samuel Paty.

T for Telework: The health crisis has boosted remote work. A way of working that can improve employee well-being, productivity and cut back on expenses, provided to be set up in good conditions. For a game of table football or a coffee break mixed with little gossip, however, nothing will replace work “on site” or “in person”.

U for Ubuesque: An adjective that sums up the past year.

V for Velorution: The winners of the year 2020 are rare but the little queen is one of them. The pandemic has accelerated the use of cycling and the improvements in its favor almost everywhere on the planet. A transformation of the uses that its followers call cycling.

W like Wuhan: Cradle of Covid-19 and long epicenter of the epidemic, before it turns into a pandemic. Today, life has resumed its course, businesses have reopened and health measures have been taken to limit the risk of the disease coming back.

China: one year after the arrival of the Covid-19 in Wuhan, the investigation is long overdue

X for Xanax: From March 16 to September 13, it has passed in France 1.1 million anxiolytics, 480,000 hypnotics and 187,000 antidepressants, in addition to the expected volumes, according to a study conducted by the Health Insurance jointly with the Medicines Agency. The pandemic has strongly impacted the morale of the French, to the point of fear a third wave of psychiatry.

Y for Yoga: In the boredom of confinement, it was necessary to take care. Some have increased the number of virtual aperitifs, others have taken up painting figurines or playing a musical instrument. Many have embarked on the making of pastries or homemade bread, causing shortages of flour and yeast. Many also took the opportunity to discover this ancestral soothing practice, even if it means going to… (see below).

Z for Zoom: Zoompero, Zoomba, Zoomclasse, Zoomfit… Zoom, and more generally all videoconferencing applications, are the big winners of this year 2020. They have emerged as the only way to stay in touch with our loved ones in a confined society . We hope that December 31st will be the only Zoomveillon of the century!

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