Galaxy Buds Live are the most repairable headphones on the market


The iFixit repair site, which specializes in dissecting electronic devices, has just looked into the case of Samsung’s true wireless headphones.

The Galaxy Buds Live, which incorporate a noise reduction system, obtained the best repairability rating for this type of accessory.

Beans that are easy to open and roll up

Unlike their competitors, Apple’s AirPods Pro, which iFixit called “irreparable”, the repair site rated Samsung’s headphones 8 out of 10, saying they were the easiest headphones they’ve ever had to take apart.

In each earpiece, the specialist site found a standard size button cell battery, relatively easy to replace despite the presence of glue, but which would obviously be quite difficult to obtain.

iFixit also made a pretty funny discovery. If Samsung preferred to baptize them Galaxy Buds Live rather than Beans (bean in English), the term is nevertheless mentioned inside each of the headphones, on one of the connection cables. Proof that the Korean did indeed consider calling these products that way at one point.

Sources: iFixit, The Verge

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