Nvidia had promised it for this year: the Chromebook can finally enjoy the GeForce NOW, its cloud gaming service from today. These devices are the fourth wheel in the GeForce NOW carriage, of which the top three are PCs, Macs and Android smartphones.

Thus, (starving) laptops running on Chrome OS can now run – remotely – all compatible games that are in your libraries Epic Games Store, Uplay Without forgetting Steam. Good news for those who have opted for these machines for their studies or their daily needs: they will be able to play a game from time to time, from the amphitheater or the place of their choice.

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To access GeForce NOW from a Chromebook, nothing could be simpler. The owners of these machines go to a website that is only accessible to Chromebooks and they have access to the same two offers as PC, Mac and smartphone users with the Google OS.

As with currently compatible devices, keyboards, gaming mice and other game controllers already supported by GeForce NOW remain supported on Chrome OS. Nvidia also recommends not to try to play with the touchpad of Chromebooks, some may not be well recognized by remote game servers.

GeForce NOW: official platform for Battle Royal?

Nvidia also takes advantage of this announcement to unveil a partnership with Ubisoft to promote Hyper Scape, the latest game from the French publisher. Its price is 27.45 euros (real value of approximately 60 euros) and includes access to GeForce NOW for 6 months (with the same benefits as the Founding members), access to season 1 of this Battle Royal-like as well as a set of exclusive items to collect in the game.

Nvidia also announces that its ANSEL technology will soon be available in GeForce NOW, complementing the possibilities offered by Highlights (capture the last minutes of the game to share them later) and FreeStyle (application of specific filters to games). As the video linked above explains, ANSEL allows you to take stunning, super-large screenshots, and then edit them, on the fly, using the computing power of graphics processors.

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