George Floyd’s family calls on Congress to “protect people of color”


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The family of George Floyd, received Tuesday by President Joe Biden at the White House on the first anniversary of his death below the knee of a white policeman, called on the US Congress to pass a law to “protect people of color” .

A law for “protect people of colorThe family of George Floyd called on Tuesday, May 25, the US Congress to pass a broad law on police reform to “protect people of color,” after a meeting with Joe Biden at the White House.

“If you can make federal law to protect a bird, the bald eagle [l’emblème national des États-Unis, NDLR], you can make federal law to protect people of color, ”said George Floyd’s brother Philonise after meeting with US President and Vice President Kamala Harris.

An “extraordinary courage”

For his part, the American president praised on Tuesday the “extraordinary courage” of the family of George Floyd, died a year ago below the knee of a white cop in Minneapolis.

“The Floyd family have shown extraordinary courage, especially his daughter Gianna,” Joe Biden said in a statement following a meeting with several family members in the Oval Office.

“On the eve of her father’s funeral a year ago, Jill and I had met the family and they had said to me, ‘My daddy changed the world,'” he continued. “He did it,” he added.

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