Around the world, the Rugby World Cup is ranked 3rd biggest event. It is for this fact that it is known to attract a large following and the 2011 Rugby World Cup is no different. It is expected to attract over sixty thousand international visitors and will be covered by over two thousand international news houses. For this reason, it is also expected to attract a large TV audience of over 4 billion people. The World Cup is expected to bring in more than $ 267 million to the region through direct economic benefits. There are a few highlights that make the event more appealing to fans and they include the following.

• Paris

It is because of all of these facts that it is important to learn more about the game and what it has to offer. As people keep talking about gambling, you should find a way to take advantage of it to make money. There are several sites online designed to make this possible and it is through the following bets. Through these sites, you can place your bet for the 2011 game and enjoy some cash benefits. There are several sites online that allow fans to bet on their favorite teams. Although this is the case, it is advisable to find a reputable site before doing this. In this regard, you should also be on the lookout for free bets.

• Fixtures

Calendars are made up of 6 Crazy Weeks that begin September 9, 2011 and end October 23, 2011. In order to understand calendars, it is advisable to find a website that offers the same. This is especially useful for people interested in betting. They will receive a clear overview of the games as they are supposed to be played as well as the different pools participating in the game. The best thing to do to get pre-game encounters is that it keeps sports fans well informed of what to do. they must wait before the curtain closes. In addition, it also offers reliable information about the playoffs and the teams that are expected to participate in them.

• Important facts

Here are some of the 2011 Rugby World Cup facts that you need to keep in mind to enjoy the season.

• To begin with, New Zealand was granted hosting rights on November 17, 2011.

• At least 20 countries will participate in the tournament by playing forty-eight matches.

• Organizing responsibilities will be shared by the International Rugby Board, local authorities, major sports stadiums and New Zealand rugby among others.

As a fan, if you want to learn more about the Rugby World Cup, use some of the reputable resources available online. As you become a savvy fan, it becomes easier and easier to make smart decisions, whether it’s where to place your bet or just to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the games.

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