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New episode in the YouTube-dl saga. After removing the source code on GitHub, fans of this “stream ripper” tried to defy the injunction of rights holders by creating hundreds of forks on the website of the host.
GitHub has now whistled the end of recess. If some users continue to repost this offending content, the host will deactivate their accounts, in accordance with the terms of service.

This reaction is not surprising. Admittedly, the CEO of GitHub regretted the action of the rights holders and was sympathetic to the disappointed reaction of the fans of YouTube-dl.
But this outpouring of solidarity is not without limits. The host is forced to obey the law if he does not want to risk his own closure. Therefore, protesters are invited to choose a legal means to express their discontent, for example by putting pressure on the legislator. Sure, it’s less fun than multiplying forks, but it might be more effective in the long run.

Source : TorrentFreak

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