As a coach, have you ever wondered how can I give my wrestlers consistent feedback on their match performance? Besides using a videotape, how about using what Coach Hatfield developed as a match skills record.

Before video recording was widely used and readily available, I needed a way to quickly recover and assess my wrestlers during their matches. I developed what I called the Match Skill Record. It was a simple form placed on a 51/2 x 81/2 card that I kept in a filing cabinet to quickly record the skills my wrestlers displayed during their matches. With the age of video, the Match Skill Record has improved the wrestler’s review and analysis of their recorded match. The two together have proven invaluable in providing essential information to the wrestler.

The match proficiency record included the following:

Period by period tally sheet

Essential data concerning the competitors and the match

Assessment of withdrawal skills

Assessment of the lower position

· Evaluation of rides and pines

Comments section for each category

Each of these categories has a quick assessment checklist divided into good, fair, and poor. The recorder is able to quickly check these levels with a check mark or check mark to provide consistent feedback on technique or skill. I generally used an assistant or mat team member to fill out the form based on my feedback.

The advantage for you as a coach is that you can quickly comment on what you see during the game in a consistent and efficient manner. The match skills record can also be used as a good scouting report against opponents later in the season. I found that my wrestlers were eager to review the match records. They liked the consistent feedback and the ratings reinforced the skills they needed to improve. I also used these to help me develop my practices around what needed to be covered in the practice.

To see a sample of the Match Skill recording, navigate to my blog posted below. To get a free copy of the form, leave a message requesting the form.

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Source by Ron Hatfield

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