Gmail can now be used as the default email client


Gmail users on iOS are going to be rubbing their hands. It is now possible to configure Google’s email client as the default email client on iOS 14.

Google has just released the app update to the App Store, which includes an option for iPhone users to use it as the default email app on iOS.

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Gmail has been updated to iOS 14

As a reminder, iOS 14, which was deployed last week, now officially allows users to configure a default mail client or web browser, other than Mail and Safari.
Once the Gmail update is installed on your device, simply go to iOS Settings, then navigate to the dedicated Gmail menu. Then enter the Default Email App menu and select Gmail.

Unfortunately, iOS 14 appears to be prone to a nasty bug at the moment: the default choice of browser and mail app is reset each time you restart of the iPhone. Hopefully Apple will quickly take the necessary steps to come up with a new iOS update that fixes this problem.

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