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The conversational agent Google Duplex is now able to make an appointment with the hairdresser. Introduced two years ago at the I / O 2018 conference, this feature – which is built into Google Assistant – is being rolled out to US users, as VentureBeat has seen. Until now, Duplex was only able to reserve a table in a restaurant.

For the haircut, Duplex only accepts three types of appointments: a men’s haircut, a woman’s haircut and a “general” haircut. Then the user can enter the hairdressing salon, the date they want to go and some personal information (name, phone number). The conversational agent will then call the merchant and arrange a meeting, as naturally as possible.

Google Duplex is also available on a limited basis in the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Spain is also in the sights. Unfortunately, it is not known when this technology will be available in France.

Source : VentureBeat

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