For several years, Google has been mocked for its disastrous handling of messaging applications. In search of the perfect rival of iMessage (in the United States, Apple’s application triumphs over its competitors), the web giant has launched many different services like Talk, Hangout, Allo, Duo, Android Messages, Voice or Meet … Difficult to understand anything about it, especially since the company occasionally kills one of its apps for the benefit of another. According to 9to5google, Google Duo would be its next victim since it would soon be integrated into Google Meet.

A consequence of confinement

This decision would be linked to confinement. in their beginnings, Duo addressed the general public while Meet targeted professionals. To compete Zoom or Microsoft Teams during the peak of the pandemic, Google had decided to return Meet free at the risk of having two free video calling services coexist on Android devices. Note that eventually, Meet is also supposed to replace Hangout, Google’s other messaging service.

This is how the Duet project (a merger of Duo and Meet) was born. Under the aegis of Javier Soltero, the head of G Suite now in charge of messaging applications, the two services would have to merge.

In the coming months, features of Duo should gradually be integrated into Meet. The final step would consist of dismantling the application, but no timetable is known to date.

Source: 9to5google

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