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Are you a fan of puzzles? So go to Google’s online sales site, more specifically on this page. You will discover a series of black rectangles and a sentence in pseudo Latin which does not mean anything a priori.

However, some words can give clues. For example, longlastingis batterum can be interpreted as long lasting battery (battery that lasts a very long time). Likewise, lowlightena evokes low light (low light). But above all, you can click on the black rectangles which then change color. This is a mini game.

Warning: spoiler! To win, you must display the combination of blue, red, yellow, blue, green and red. At this moment, the sentence The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone (the Google phone you’ve been waiting for) appears, along with the date August 3.

The teasing confirms that the Pixel 4a will be officially announced on August 3 by Google. The price is not yet known, but could be around $ 349, which would put the Pixel 4a in competition with the OnePlus North, but also with theApple iPhone SE.

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