Google continues to improve the mobile applications of its Google Docs office suite even further.

In its latest update, the Mountain View firm offers users on iOS and Android Smart Compose predictive input, but also Link Preview, a function for previewing URLs in documents.

Predictive writing and visualization of links without leaving the application

The arrival of these two new features on mobile should significantly improve their use on small screens. The web link preview module, Link Preview, allows a user who taps a URL from within a document to preview the content of the page without having to exit the application.

In a floating pane, the user can thus have the title, a short description as well as a thumbnail image from the web page which will allow him to decide whether or not to open the full page in Google Docs.

Smart Compose, the artificial intelligence-based predictive writing tool, will allow users to speed up the writing process while reducing the risk of spelling, grammatical and other typos.

Be careful however, Smart Compose will only be active on Google Docs mobile applications if the function is already initialized on the web version of Google Docs. When a suggestion appears while writing a document, the user will only have to slide their finger to the right to accept it.

The arrival of these two new features in Google Docs kicks off today and should gradually reach all users in the coming weeks.

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