Google finally lets you play in the cloud in 4G


Stadia can finally be enjoyed anywhere, all the time, even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi hotspot within reach of your smartphone. Google put an end to the beta this summer and discreetly activated the gaming option via mobile networks, for all players, on its servers and the app (version 2.36). It now offers this connection mode in the general menu under the tab Performances. After activation, the game launch icon displays a small relay antenna instead of the classic logo Reading that we see appear when playing over Wi-Fi.

Google Stadia via 4G

However, playing in Full HD or 4K on the screen of your mobile is not at all on the program. At best, you will be able to enjoy the titles in 720p. The speeds offered by 4G at the present time should rise to the occasion. Achieving performance levels close to 720p at 60 frames per second even seems possible in the best covered areas.

Google announces that – in accordance with the forecasts made during the beta phase – playing via the cellular network would eat up around 2.7 GB of data per hour of play. If you do not have an unlimited plan, you are warned.

By allowing its subscribers to play in 4G, Google is finally on par with the Microsoft xCloud and Nvidia’s GeForce NOW. It was time.

The arrival of 5G could allow Google to increase the quality and distribution speeds of streams to offer 1080p streaming from its cloud gaming servers. Data consumption would necessarily be affected, but the visual experience and the quality of the game would be even better.

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