Already suspended since last March, paid extensions will no longer be permitted in Google’s browser. Those who already use the Chrome Web Store payment system will have to go without it within a few months.

Google has confirmed that since September 21, no new extension will be validated and this, definitively. On December 1, free trial periods will be banned. On February 1, 2021, Google will end payments for all extensions that already exist.

An admission of failure in regulating fraud

“There are lots of other ways to monetize your extensions, and if you’re currently using Chrome Web Store payments, you’ll need to migrate to one of them.”, explains Google to developers.

This decision follows a multitude of frauds that occurred in January 2020. The suspension of the payment API had also caused some problems at the time for paid application extensions, such as the Dashlane password manager or the Comeet meeting planning tool.

Source: 9To5Google

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