Google is preparing a new logo for Gmail to unify all its icons


A facelift for the Gmail logo. Google is currently working on a new icon to represent its messaging app. The sketch sent by the brand to 9To5Google leaves little room for doubt and shows a simplification in accordance with the logos of its other services.

Soon the same color code as Maps and Photos

We see a simple “M”, stripped of the envelope that accompanies it since 2013. The angles are rounded and somewhat soften the whole. At this time, no color appears on this sketch yet. However, we can imagine that they will use the identity of Google (yellow, blue, red, green) to dress the letter.

In recent months, Google has indeed carried out the facelift of the majority of the icons of its applications. As evidenced by those of Maps or Photos, simplified to the extreme and all bearing the same color code. The Gmail icon is now the last not to take on this identity. She will certainly do so in the weeks or months to come.

Source: 9To5Google

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