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Is Stadia is made for you ? To allow you to test its cloud gaming service, Google will offer game demos all week on its service. They will be accessible to everyone, both to regular subscribers (with Pro or Free) than new arrivals. Only obligations:

1) Create an account if you do not have one (no payment information will be requested),
2) Log in from the Chrome web browser (on PC, Mac or Android)
3) Be in possession of a Click to Play link to directly access the game.

These codes / links will be given in the description of videos posted on YouTube. Then you can enjoy the demos, available for a period of seven days.

Google gives you the opportunity to try Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle starting today, then the beta of Humankind (Amplitude Studio) tonight. And, from tomorrow, Immortals Fenix ​​Rising (Ubisoft) will also be there.

Come on, come try me, it’s free!

For Stadia to try its hand at making demos available for everyone is a smart way to ensure that it attracts more players to its net. Google is struggling to impose its cloud gaming service. Its economic model is quite restrictive for players who already own a lot of games offered on the platform: you have to buy them on Stadia to enjoy them!
In addition, the current competition is stiff (GeForce NOW, from Nvidia, xCloud, from Microsoft) and that of tomorrow (Luna from Amazon) are unlikely to improve Stadia’s business.

Finally, since yesterday, Stadia Pro subscribers can enjoy free of charge 29 games from the Cloud Gaming offer catalog for a limited period.

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