Google has just announced that it has completely changed the interface of the “Saved” tab in Google Maps. This section of Google’s mapping application allows you to save your favorite places, the places you have visited, or even your best addresses, so you can find them faster.

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So far, the interface in this section has been rather unappealing. But things should change soon. Google is deploying a new interface, simpler and above all much clearer, to easily manage saved places.

Now the section will present the saved places in the form of three carousels in which will be displayed, each of the saved places. You will be able to find the most recent ones first.

The second carousel, on the other hand, displays all of the places that you have previously saved and that are near your current location.

Finally, you will be able to very easily remember the places you’ve been to in the third and final carousel, which brings together all the places you’ve been to. You will then be able to visualize on a map all the trips made in the last days. To take advantage of this, however, it will be necessary to activate the location history in your Google Account settings.

The rollout of the new “Registered” tab interface is underway and should be available to all users in the coming days.

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