Google has just announced several new features for Google Maps on iOS. After being retired in 2017, the Mountain View giant’s mapping application will make a comeback on the Apple Watch, and it will now support the CarPlay Dashboard.

Google Maps in the car and on the wrist

In vehicles with CarPlay, users will be able to enjoy navigation with Google Maps on their dashboard, while controlling the playback of their favorite multimedia application. The dashboard, which replaced the traditional icons, is the first thing CarPlay users see when starting their car. The information will be displayed on a screen divided into two parts, with the Google Maps navigation display on one side, and directions and the media player on the other.

The other big news Google announced is the return of Google Maps to the Apple smartwatch. Without doubt having found an audience, the companion application of Google Maps disappeared from Apple Watch in 2017 without knowing if she would ever return.

Three years later, Google finally decides to resurrect its app on the Apple Watch. Happy owners of the Apple smartwatch will be able to access routes by car, bike, foot or public transport right on their wrist.

The application will also allow you to obtain ETA (estimated time of arrival) as well as step-by-step directions to saved destinations (Home or Work). For the rest, you will first need to launch a route from the iPhone and then find it on the Watch.

Google Maps compatibility with CarPlay is available today on all equipped vehicles. As for the app for the Apple Watch, it will take a few more weeks to see it land on his wrist.

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