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There you go, Google is almost on par with Zoom or Teams. You can now change the background on the fly during video exchanges with colleagues or friends when using Google meet. You can choose one from a small selection made by Google, or just use your own.
It’s a good way to keep some privacy, especially in these times of confinement: you will only show your living and / or teleworking environment to the people you want.


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However, these changes do not affect all versions of Google Meet, used from a personal or work account. Only those developed for Chrome OS and versions operated from the Chrome web browser on macOS and Windows are concerned. The Android and iOS versions are currently not allowed, Google says it is working hard to make it happen quickly.

To change the image before the conversation starts, just click on ” change the background At the top right of the window. It is from this menu that you can choose either an image proposed by Google or add one of your own, by clicking on the “+” icon.
If you just want to blur what’s around you, that’s also possible.
Finally, you can make the changes a posteriori, during the conversation. With a simple click on the “…”, you will have access to these features.

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Google uses several artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze the video stream and define the contours of your silhouette. On the one hand, they adapt the chosen background and, on the other hand, if you move, the algorithms adjust your position and that of the mask applied to the background so that your privacy is preserved.

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