Google Photos Introduces New Photo Editing Features


Google Photos users on Android will be delighted. Google has just announced the imminent deployment of new editing functions in its photo library, which now incorporates correction suggestions based on machine learning as well as tools to adjust the smoothness of the image easier to understand.

Until now, the application automatically displayed suggestions for automatic corrections on certain images to improve brightness, rotate a photo, etc.
These tools are now integrated directly into the main editor in a dedicated tab in which are grouped all the automatic corrections suggested by the application and likely to correspond to what you are looking for.
Thus, one tap is enough to apply certain effects that improve brightness, contrast, etc.
In the coming months, new automatic correction suggestions will join this tab to, for example, enhance your portraits, refine your landscape photos, adjust colors, and much more.

To complete its artillery, Google Photos introduces a new control system, more precise and easier to use, allowing to adjust with great finesse, the various settings such as contrast, saturation, or even brightness, that you wish to apply on an image.

Owners of Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 smartphones will be able to take advantage of Portrait Light, a tool that allows you to adjust the position of the “light” on the face of the subject captured on portrait photos using a finger. . While this feature looks promising, there is no indication yet that it will ever be available on other devices.

The arrival of these new tools in Google Photos is imminent and should be phased in on Android.

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