Google reactivates Picture-in-Picture on the mobile web version of YouTube with iOS 14.0.1


Google has apparently just backed down. After authorizing the use of Picture-in-Picture mode on the mobile web version of YouTube for iPhone owners running iOS 14, the American company had finally changed its mind, believing that this feature should only be reserved for only to users with a Premium subscription.
It didn’t take long for hackers to find several solutions to take advantage of the Image mode in the image of iOS 14 despite the blocking put in place by Google on the Web version of YouTube.

But since the release of the iOS update to version 14.0.1, it seems that the Mountain View giant has once again changed its mind. The Picture-in-Picture feature is again fully functional from the YouTube mobile website, without the need for a premium subscription to the service.

The use of Picture in Picture mode is not reserved only for Safari Mobile and can also be activated from Google Chrome or Firefox after simply opening a video in full screen.

Source: MacRumors

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