Google’s dictaphone, known as the Android Recorder, will feature a surprising new editing feature. The application, available only for Google smartphones from the Pixel 2, already knows how to transcribe in real time the recorded text offline.

Google is evolving its application by offering it a new audio editing tool, which works hand in hand with transcribed text, and which would be available on all compatible Pixels smartphones.

To delete a passage in the recorded voice note, the user simply has to select the transcribed text and delete it. The audio file is then also automatically edited. This function will be particularly useful for deleting, for example, certain words or certain hesitations of the recorded person.

In addition, the user who wants to keep a specific passage for sharing can now do so much more easily, by exporting a video clip with audio embedded in it.

To make it easier to find a long, transcribed speech, the app will highlight important words as the user scrolls through the text. The only downside is that the transcription and the options associated with it only work in English.

Source: The Verge

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