Google removes community video captioning tool


We can talk about bad timing: two days after the end of World Deaf Week, Google removes Community Contributions from YouTube, citing concerns about spam and low usage of this service. The problem ? It is through this tool that fans and other enthusiasts can submit “handmade” captions to the owner of a video so that it can be incorporated into its content.

Google recommends that users who are not satisfied with the automatic captioning tool go through a … paid alternative. More precisely, it offers 6 months of free subscription to the Amara service to any video producer who has used the community captioning feature on more than 3 videos in the last 60 days.

Google is accustomed to killing unused or little used services, even when it comes to popular services, sometimes leading to a major outcry, as was the case with Google Reader. Not sure, therefore, that the more than 500,000 Internet users who have launched a petition against this closure change anything. But it’s rare to see an accessibility tool removed without seeing Google come up with a satisfactory technological solution of its own.

Source : Ars Technica

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