Google will facilitate the installation of apps from stores other than its own


Google wants to be open and will respond to one of the requests that several developers have been making for ages. Android’s dad promises that in the next version of its OS for smartphones and tablets, it will be possible to install apps from Side Stores much more easily. Download kiosks that can be easily retrieved from the Google Play Store or in the form of APK files in order to get your hands on small, very specific programs.

“We believe that developers should be able to choose what is the best way to distribute their applications and that stores should be in competition so that developers and users can find the solutions that are best for them. “

Google also recalls that the majority of Android smartphones currently on the market are already equipped with at least two Stores (Google Play and Galaxy App Store on Samsung brand devices for example). This would already be a good proof of openness according to the American firm which wishes, however, to go even further.

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Of course, in its press release, Google mentions that this possibility will be offered to everyone, on condition, however, that the stores do not contravene the security solutions put in place around Android to prevent users from being exposed to threats or dangers.

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The Mountain View giant promises to share many more details on how installation and operation procedures will be simplified in the coming months.

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