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Does the new Google Pixel 5 smartphone is it easy to dismantle in the event of a problem? This is what the American YouTubers of PBKreviews wanted to know. The video below shows that the operation is not very complicated if you have the right knowledge and the right tools:

The Pixel 5 is distinguished by the way the display bezel is attached to the case. Google not only uses an adhesive, which also provides waterproofing, but also five lugs that hold the frame in place. Thus, even if the adhesive comes loose, the screen remains attached to the case. Note that the testers did not notice any spaces between the frame and the case, as some users have noticed. These gaps could be caused by a lack of adhesion of the adhesive.

Heat dissipation is provided by two sheets of graphite, located above and above the battery. The latter is glued but it suffices to apply heat, for example with a hair dryer, to extract it. On the other hand, the camera modules are very easy to remove.

The testers also noted the presence of two secondary microphones, in addition to the primary microphone. These microphones are located at the camera modules. In addition, the Pixel 5 has two 5G antennas.

In the end, complete disassembly requires removing a total of 13 screws, 2 of which are hidden under a small adhesive film.

Source : 9to5Google

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