The “green” security expert has been talked about again. Already at the origin of a lot of information about Tesla’s software, the hacker has just revealed what the interior camera of Model 3 and Model Y seeks to detect. Evil tongues might have thought that this camera was intended to capture the more or less rational activities of Tesla owners playing with the limits of their Autopilot. It is not so. The American automaker is much more down to earth and focuses primarily on the driver’s attention.

A camera that captures the driver’s gaze

According to green, the camera detects the position of the eyes, whether they are closed or not, but also the movements of the head or the use of a smartphone while driving.

It is therefore the behavior of its user that interests the brand. But this aspect of camera use, so far, Tesla has never really recognized. Obviously, the presence of a camera on board is documented. For three years, Model 3s have been equipped with it and, more recently, Model Y has adopted it as well. But it was only since this summer that the automaker asked users who so wish to activate the feature to help improve the capabilities of its cars.

The patch note accompanying this “new” feature does not say anything else: “ Help Tesla develop safer vehicles by sharing your camera data (…) Tesla will use the images before a safety alert or an accident to help its engineers develop safety functions “. The data revealed by the hacker shows that Tesla goes much further, even if it always leaves the user the choice to activate or not the front camera of the car.

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