It’s a beautiful harvest. From July 6 to October 6, five security researchers joined forces to find flaws in Apple products and services. This pack hunt was particularly effective, as they found 55 Rifts in total, including 11 Critical and 29 Important. These flaws, for example, would have made it possible to create a worm capable of hijacking iCloud accounts step by step or siphoning off Apple’s source code. All of these flaws have already been patched.

To date, researchers have received a total of $ 288,500 in awards, and it’s not over yet. Because so far, Apple has only processed payment for 32 of the 55 breaches. The researchers did not work full time on this project, but explain that they invested anyway “Hundreds of hours”. According to hackers, Apple was very responsive and fixed the flaws each time within a matter of hours.

Sources :, Vice

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