The conflict between the demonstrators and Belarusian power escalated yesterday with the publication by hackers of personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) of 1,000 police officers. Hackers who threaten to continue publishing this information if the crackdown does not stop Russia’s neighboring country, whose last presidential elections were sabotaged by the power of the president in place since 1994, Alexander Lukashenko.

“As long as the arrests continue, we will continue to publish this data on a massive scale,” said a statement issued by the hackers that our colleagues at Reuters were able to consult. “No one will remain anonymous, even behind a hood.”

No information has filtered out as to how the hackers got hold of this information, but you should know that Belarus (or Belarus) is a breeding ground for programmers. Just like the majority of the countries of the former Eastern bloc, the level of mathematics is high and Belarus not only exports coders, but was also in recent years “a magnet for startups”, as the Wall describes it. Street Journal. A state of grace called into question by the authoritarian response of the Lukashenko government. And that seems to have pissed off some of the country’s IT talent.

Sources : Reuters via ABC News, Wall Street Journal

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