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Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring. Citing health reasons, he said: “The decision to retire is a decision that I have thought about a lot and that I have not taken lightly. Now is the right time. It was important for me to leave an organization in the best possible way. form and I believe I gave it. “

Well I’m not a huge Red Manchester fan, but I respect this man. I have always appreciated his composure, his intensity on the pitch. The way his sheer presence inspires his team and the respect he garners from adoring fans is one that only grown-ups can achieve and he is no exception.

In his 27 years with the club, not once has the United administration had to consider installing a new manager. He has been calm, unfazed and dedicated to forming a balanced team in every way – in terms of age, position and celebrity.

He has been a solid inspiration for the young groups of managers who are inspired by him in the management of their respective clubs. The sheer number of farewell messages on Twitter reflects this.

He joined Old Trafford in 1986 from Aberdeen and never looked back as the Red Devils dominated not only the English scene but also Europe. Its total includes 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups and 2 Champions League. The 71-year-old Scotsman will join the squad’s board members and serve as ambassador for the coming season. So far United have two games to play and one of them is a home game against Swansea where we can expect some emotions from the not so expressive coach.

Well, talking about its replacement is a contentious issue. United never had to think about the managerial position, it was already in very good hands. It is always difficult to replace a veteran; plus the void left for the first time in 27 years, is a thought the united administration would always have dreaded. But it’s time to answer them. Rumor has it that Everton boss David Moyes is putting himself in his shoes, but before the official website is confirmed; it will be a matter of fierce debate. Former Chelsea and current Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho is also a name sought after by sinister fans. The administration is also under pressure to declare the new name, as Manchester United is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, so any change of administration will need to be reported to its shareholders. So the secret cannot and will not be kept for long.

Whichever manager he chooses he will find it hard to cope with the pressure but it wouldn’t be so horrible on the pitch considering Sir Alex has left his side in solid form.

#RESPECT and good luck for your future projects Sir Alex!

Source by Sunny Leo Jaiswal

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