he hacks a coffee machine to test his security


When the coffee maker stops responding

What if your connected coffee machine is the victim of a remote hack? Martin Hron, computer security researcher at Avast, performed the experiment by simulating ransomware. After a week of work, he managed to take control of the machine, light the burner remotely and turn on water. Importantly, it brought up a flashing and insistent message, which had a ransom note on it. The machine got out of control and had to be unplugged to operate again.

Behind this attack, Martin Hron wished to warn designers of connected objects. According to him, this type of attack could be carried out on other products, and not in the form of a simulation. The researcher calls on designers to be more vigilant about securing their products.

With the Pixel 5, Google changes course

On September 30, Google presented its new products to the public at a virtual conference. In addition to its new Chromecast, the brand unveiled the Pixel 5, as well as the Pixel 4a XL, both 5G compatible. The Pixel 4, its predecessor, had not won over critics despite its prowess in photography, so Google changed its strategy. No more high-end, the Pixel 5 is designed for the general public. Less powerful, however, it has a better battery and retains its strengths in photography, while its design has been modernized.

The Pixel 5 will be available on October 15 at a price of 629 euros, the Pixel 4a XL is scheduled for the month of November, at 499 euros. It remains to be hoped for Google that this return to fundamentals will allow them to distinguish themselves from the competition.

The camera standing guard in your home

The American giant Amazon, through its subsidiary Ring, is preparing to market a mini flying drone to monitor your home from a distance. Its name: the Always Home Cam. It’s a small camera attached to a base that automatically lifts off in the event of an intrusion, but also if you forgot to turn off your oven or close a patio door.
In real time, you can be alerted on your smartphone if a situation of this type occurs in your home. The Always Home Cam could go on sale in 2021 in the United States, and at around $ 250

Amazon is a leader in the connected home security market, through Ring. The market is booming, and French brands like Netatmo / Legrand must also launch similar products.

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