A homemade Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck will not go on sale until the end of 2021 and has not yet entered production. Impatient, some fans of the brand owned by Elon Musk decided to develop themselves a replica of this futuristic vehicle.

This is the case of a Bosnian, Mario Coric, who asked a local engineering company, Stark Solutions, to create a Cybertruck from the structure and mechanics of a Ford pickup, the F- 150 Raptor. In total, eight months of work were required to develop this replica, and the result is impressive. The resemblance to the original model even intrigued passers-by when this fake Cybertruck was first tested on the road. The only difference is that the replica is equipped with a heat engine, while the Tesla vehicle is electric.

This is not, however, the first reproduction of the Tesla pickup to hit the web. By August, images of a gasoline-powered aftershock had already amazed observers. This confirms the enormous expectation around the Tesla Cybertruck, which has already been pre-ordered more than 250,000 times online.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE shows its muscles

It is a high-end smartphone sold at an affordable price, which could meet with great success during the end of 2020. Unveiled on September 23, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (for Fan Edition) is available in two versions: one 4G model equipped with an Exynos 990 processor, sold from 659 euros, but also a 5G model which includes a Snapdragon 865 chip. This is the first high-end Samsung smartphone to include this type of processor, except for the Z Flip and the Z Fold.

The Galaxy S20 FE is also available in several colors – six in total – to make the model more original. You can find the first handling of the new Samsung smartphone on our site.

A Netflix of French basketball?

This is a first for fans of the French basketball championship: all this season’s matches will be broadcast and commented free in clear. The National Basketball League announced last week the launch of an OTT platform, allowing fans to follow First and Second Division matches online, starting from 1er October. At the same time, the two best posters of each day will be broadcast unencrypted on the team channel.

The news was greeted with enthusiasm by the French orange balloon community, such as Boris Diaw or Nicolas Batum. After the failure of negotiations with RMC Sport, official broadcaster so far, for the renewal of television rights this season, the LNB made the bet of everything in the clear to gain visibility and negotiate an upward contract next season .

In short, also find in the Snap this week: the latest information on the battle between China and the United States around TikTok, a new Adobe Photoshop tool to replace the sky in your photos, as well as an electric powered catamaran French-made.

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