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A stud shooter can usually handle stud hitters. If you’re a hitting coach, there’s not much you can do to prepare your hitters for a great pitcher. You can study pitchers’ tendencies like when he’s throwing different types of shots and guess, but generally stud pitchers are so good that most hitters can’t hit their shots even though they know what pitch is coming.

The best way to get a studded pitcher out of its rhythm is to shake it. Some baseball coaches like to play small ball and try to steal bases and put down some bunts to force the team to play. It’s a good tactic. Then there’s a tactic to create a power line full of good hitters and see if any of them can open the game with an extra baseline. This tactic is probably even better as it can create swing-shift effects when a long ball is hit.

Either way, the stud shooter has the advantage and with one or two stud shooters on the same team, the organization as a whole has a better chance of winning. Pitching is certainly 75% of the game.

Arguably, the greatest hitter of all time, Ted Williams has been quoted as saying, “The hardest court to hit is the cursor.” If someone like Ted Williams said that, there must be a good reason. Most of the good pitchers who can develop a good curve ball or change are quite effective. The reason is that the majority of decent hitters have a hard time staying on the court when out of gear. Big hitters have the ability to quickly recognize different pitches, have a natural ability to stay behind, and are rarely fooled by sluggish pitches.

The slider, however, is a field that appears to be a fastball and then slides diagonally down and out (or in) at the last second. Ted Williams has never had a problem recognizing and adjusting to a height other than the slider. As a pitcher, developing a pitch slider without hurting your arm is not an easy thing to do. However, developing that pitch with the right technique would be a good idea, especially since the best hitter in the world was struggling to hit it.

As a hitter, it’s important to learn the secrets to staying behind on any court as you climb the ladder of success. Hitting different types of terrain is hard enough, let alone trying to decide whether to swing on a nasty slider. Hitters who learn to hang back will be less likely to swing on bad pitches.

Source by Mike Huber

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