In the MagicBook family, we ask for the Pro. Honor announces the launch of its most high-end model in France. The MagicBook Pro 2020 will be available from September 8 on the brand’s website but also at Boulanger. Advertised price of this beautiful machine: 899 euros. And if you buy it between September 8 and September 27, Honor will refund you 100 euros immediately.

Last May, Honor announced its intention to roll out its MagicBook range more widely in France, especially when it announced the same MagicBook Pro for China, a version boosted in Intel Core. Now, as we sensed it at the time, for France, Honor chooses to launch a variation … but in AMD Ryzen last generation.

A Chinese PC strongly inspired by an American brand

Processor aside, the MagicBook Pro launched in France is no different from the Chinese model. We find the same beautiful case in an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, with parts sometimes polished, sometimes satin. The backlit keyboard is full size but lacks a numeric keypad. Among the keys Functions the piano hides the small retractable 1 MPixel webcam.

The fineness is given for 1.7 cm at the highest and its weight is established at 1.7 kg. With such a template, Honor was able to place full-frame sockets on the sides of the machine: 3 USB 3.2 Gen 1, 1 HDMI output, a headphone jack and finally, a USB Type-C port which serves both as a data transfer interface and to recharge the battery of the device (8 h 30 of autonomy announced). For connection to the Web, you have to be content with a Wi-Fi 5 module, also Bluetooth 5.0 compatible.

The 16.1-inch – 16: 9 – screen is said FullView since it is framed by very thin edges (4.9 mm thick on the sides) and occupies 90% of the space. In terms of definition, no extravagance, it’s Full HD projected on a matte IPS panel.

Honor announces a brightness of 300 cd / m2, a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a colorimetry 100% sRGB. Nothing extraordinary there again but if the promises are kept, making creation can be considered. Especially at this price.

Intel for China, AMD for France

So that you can run all your favorite applications and to be able to offer such a machine for less than 900 euros (we remind you), Honor uses a processor AMD Ryzen 4600H. It is a chip equipped with 6 hyperthreaded cores which turbinate at 3 GHz and which can go up to 4 GHz in Turbo mode (only one core at work).
This APU chip is supported by 16 GB of DDR4 memory and it is this chip that will also ensure the display of your programs on the screen, through the Radeon graphics controller.

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This 3D component consists of 6 large computing units which can reach the frequency of 1500 MHz. Playing in Full HD in excellent conditions will not necessarily be possible, but doing one or two parts of a game that is light or heavier, but in which you have reduced the levels of detail, can be considered. From time to time, let’s be clear: the MagicBook Pro is not a gamer.

Finally, Windows 10, games and apps will be placed on the machine’s 512 GB M.2 SSD (PCIe NVMe).

Honor also takes this launch to update his MagicBook 14. Same case, same screen and identical amount of memory (8 GB) … but it will now be powered by a Ryzen 5 4500U instead of the Ryzen 5 3500U chip. In addition, it is equipped with 512 GB of storage (against 256 previously). In fact, its price increases and goes from 600 to 750 euros approximately. It will be available from September 21, only on the brand’s shopping site, according to our information.

Update from 04/09/2020 at 2:30 p.m .:
Honor announces that the MagicBook 15 adopts AMD’s Ryzen 5 4500U as well. It remains equipped with 8 GB of DDR4 memory and 256 GB of SSD. Like the 14-inch, it will be available on September 21, at a price of around 700 euros.

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