How do I display the seconds in the Windows 10 system clock?


The clock displayed at the bottom right of Windows 10 may be practical, but it lacks an essential element: the seconds display. While Microsoft doesn’t offer any official option in Windows settings to easily turn seconds into its clock, there is a little simple trick you can do to get them.

Here’s how to display the seconds in the Windows 10 clock.

1. Create a restore point

To perform the manipulation, we need to modify some values ​​in the Windows registry. As this part of the operating system can be sensitive, it is best to ensure your back by creating a restore point. In the event of a problem or malfunction, you can easily go back and find a perfectly functioning machine.

To create a restore point, click on the menu Start and enter Create a restore point and open the app.

In the window System properties that opens, click Create, then enter a short description for your restore point. Then click on Create to validate the creation of your restore point.

2. Open the Registry Editor

To open the Windows Registry Editor, use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R and enter Regedit in the field To open from the window Execute and confirm by clicking on OK.

3. Navigate through the registry

When the Registry Editor window appears, copy and paste the following path into the dedicated field to access the working directory:

Computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

4. Create a new value

In the right pane, right click, go to New, then choose to create a 32-bit DWORD value that you will name ShowSecondsInSystemClock.

5. Modify the value

Then double click on the value ShowSecondsInSystemClock that you just created. In the window that appears, replace the 0 with 1 in the Value data and validate your modifications by clicking on OK.

6. Restart your PC

Close the Windows Registry Editor window and restart your machine.

If all went as planned, the Windows system clock, at the bottom right of the taskbar, should now display the seconds count.

You can easily go back and choose not to display the seconds. To do this, repeat the previous step, and replace the data from the value 1 by 0 to deactivate the seconds.

You will then need to restart your machine again for these changes to take effect.

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