When you open a new file explorer window, Windows defaults to the Quick Access window, which lists the most frequently used directories. If some are happy with it, others will probably try to browse other directories, especially those on storage devices, or current folders (Office, Documents, Images, Music, etc.).

To avoid having to manually navigate to the This PC location, you can configure File Explorer to automatically open in the workstation. Here’s how.

1. Access the file explorer options

Start by opening a file explorer window. In the top ribbon, click Display, then, to the right of the Display settings, click the button Options.

2. Change the opening location of the explorer

In the window Folder options displayed, click on the drop-down menu Open File Explorer in, and select This PC instead of Quick Access.

Validate your modifications by clicking on Apply, then on OK. Normally, any new File Explorer windows you open will be in the CP location where your current folders and storage devices are located.

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