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If in-house solutions were designed by enthusiasts, Stadia is still not officially accessible on iOS and iPadOS. We know Apple’s position on cloud gaming, the Cupertino giant persists in not wanting to offer apps for this type of service on its App Store. No App Store, never mind, let’s go through the web browser!

Indeed, the analysis of the code of Safari for iOS 14 by seasoned developers has shown that Google could very well make sure to run Stadia officially on the browser of Apple mobile devices. Without breaking any rules.

Pretend to be someone else

To put it simply, the new version of Safari has features that the previous version, available when Stadia was released, did not. In particular, that of modifying its User Agent, its identity, to pass itself off as a PC browser to a website. An important detail because only the PC versions of Chrome are compatible with Stadia for the moment. For the record, on iOS and iPadOS, all browsers are forced to use WebKit, the rendering engine developed by Apple, even Chrome. So, using this new functionality Google could:

  • Create an iOS Stadia app that would use Safari or WebKit to run. Or more simply call directly to the browser.
  • Once launched, the browser or WebKit instance would connect to Stadia’s website and masquerade as a version of Chrome for PC or Mac.
  • The Stadia web portal would then be deceived.
  • It would give access to the identification page to the cloud gaming from Google to the user.

In practice, according to specialists and developers, it is possible. And largely doable by Google.

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As if to support this argument, the site Stadia Source indicates that pieces of code in Stadia’s web app have changed, as if to prepare for that eventuality. Explicit references to the iPad, the Iphone and Safari would have even been found there.

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At the moment, there is no indication that Google intends to do so. The Mountain View firm refused to comment on this information to our colleagues from 9to5Google.

Sources: Stadia Source via 9to5Google

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