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Every month, 15 million French people use myCANAL (not all are subscribers, the application also offers a free replay service). During a press conference, the Canal + group explained how it intended to make its application the reference service for SVoD in France.
First symbolic change, like Netflix, myCANAL will be entitled to its recognizable little jingle at the start of the original programs.

Mac, PS4, PS5, LG and Hisense televisions …

To achieve its goals, the Canal group wishes to make its application available on as many platforms as possible. By early 2021, he explains that 13 million new devices will be compatible with myCANAL. LG and Hisense televisions, which use a proprietary OS, will thus have access to the application.
In addition to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, myCANAL will also make its arrival on the Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5. Finally, as we told you a few days ago, the application will arrive in the coming weeks on Mac. The developers of myCANAL decided to use Apple’s Catalyst program to port the iPadOS version of the app to macOS.

Netflix, Disney +, Amazon and Apple TV +?

Today, myCANAL provides access to the catalog of many “competing” services. You can access the catalog of Ciné +, OCS, Netflix and Disney + directly from the French application, which is very practical when you don’t know what to watch when you get home.
The boss of Canal + explained in particular discussing with Apple to add the Apple TV + catalog to its application (such a partnership is possible, Canal and Apple are working closely together) and also says that he is considering including content from Amazon Prime Video.
Finally, if OCS were to lose the rights to HBO films / series, Canal + says it is ready. He is discussing with HBO in the perspective of a launch of HBO Max in France.

Another thing that does not change, myCANAL still offers access to replay other French channels. TF1, France TV, M6, Ciné +, OCS… No need to go through another application.

Multi-user Netflix style

Finally, when starting myCANAL, we will now be offered to choose the profile of a user as on Netflix or Disney +. The goal is to be able to share your account with different family members while receiving your own recommendations.

As a reminder, myCANAL has other projects in the years to come. In particular, we spoke to you several months ago about the use of Apple’s Low-Latency HLS protocol to reduce the time gap between the reality of an event and its broadcast on television. Moreover, on the football side, Canal + will launch the TimeLine feature on November 7. During the PSG-Rennes match, subscribers will be able to take quizzes or answer live polls.

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