With the Covid-19 crisis, the unexpected seems to have become the norm for many French companies. The decline in activity was sudden and should continue (the drop in GDP should be over 11% over the year), order books suddenly emptied, unpaid bills should multiply … more positive point of view, the economy is showing signs of recovery, and government support measures, such as the deferral of charges – which will nevertheless have to be paid for in a few months – have enabled many companies to keep head above water.

In this very chaotic environment, the challenge for leaders is to stay in control. Managing your cash flow, managing your commercial activity, successfully anticipating, is even more crucial than in normal times. And must be done as easily and as quickly as possible, in order to be able to concentrate as much as possible on the growth of the company. This is where the Sage 50Cloud Ciel software comes in, the latest solution from the British publisher Sage for small businesses and craftsmen. Combining all accounting and commercial management in a single interface, it emphasizes the accessible and operational side, so as to relieve the business manager as much as possible and to give him optimal visibility of his activity – without having to or himself an accounting pro.

First of all, thanks to Sage 50Cloud Ciel, day-to-day accounting and commercial operations are simplified, accelerated and automated. Quotes, invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and delivery forms can be generated in a few clicks, reminders are facilitated (they can be sent automatically, and paid online by the customer using a payment button integrated into their digital invoice), payments and money receipts are updated automatically by connecting the application to the company’s bank accounts … As for VAT, it is possible to declare it directly from the interface. The advantage of all these features: a significant saving of time, but also of serenity, because the risk of error is very reduced (especially since the solution is of course in full compliance and updated with the law). In short: freedom of mind.

But Sage 50Cloud Ciel goes further: in addition to facilitating operations, the solution makes it possible to supervise, anticipate and manage the activity of the company, thanks to a series of key indicators and essential information. day in real time. One can easily find, for example, the history of the activity for each prospect, customer or supplier, the margin of the commercial operations, the follow-up of the stocks of goods, an updated overview of the present and future cash flow, the turnover, charges, unpaid invoices … A dynamic and customizable dashboard makes it possible to visualize the health of the company at a glance, thanks to a series of performance indicators: turnover business and profitability, evolution over one year, top 5 customers, cost analysis, cash balances of the various accounts … A valuable tool for making informed decisions, even in times of turbulence and disrupted activity, between decreasing orders and deferred charges.

To further facilitate the activity of entrepreneurs, the solution is coupled with Microsoft 365 (for example to easily and securely share data in Excel or Outlook) and accessible everywhere thanks to the cloud – ideal for running a business even on the move and working remotely around the same data with his accountant or his collaborators. Sage also offers support for getting started with the software, via training sessions, online tutorials … in order to get the most out of this valuable ally of the manager.

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