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Are you satisfied with the service? The French start-up Skiply is known for its survey terminals scattered around the stores. But with the appearance of Covid-19, barrier gestures and masks, they are the first to disappear from the shelves. Fatally, the activity of the Savoy company is declining. ” We had to compensate », Remembers its co-founder Jérôme Chambard.

Twenty-six years later: Ubiqod

With his partner Sébastien Moulis, they are racking their brains: which devices do not require any contact? As a side effect of the pandemic, the QR code is once again trending. Until now, the barcode of Japanese origin born in 1994 had remained ” rather confidential in France “Says the entrepreneur who started Skiply five years ago. Providing access to information without touching anything, this techno has been rediscovered by professionals, especially restaurant owners.

But, ” in a QR-code, nothing is protected », Continues Jérôme Chambard. So, while the information shared in the menus does not appear to be of a sensitive nature, the Skiply team feels that there is an avenue to explore.
Instead of a sheet of paper, poster or any other material medium, they create a QR code generator box at your frequency: Ubiqod.
The promise ? That it is impossible to hack or even to circumvent. For Jérôme Chambard, Ubiqod compensates “ a real weakness Of the classic QR code.

Show white paw

There are security or delivery companies that were already using the QR code as proof of attendance, but their systems were bypassed because some of their employees were taking pictures of it. “Says the engineer. ” Now, thanks to our dynamic QR code, the case is static, but the pixels are constantly refreshing.
As a guarantee of safety, the two founders of Skiply see other fields of application: the passage of a courier in a condominium, that of certain maintenance technicians or even ordering at the table – we come back to that.

Patented in early summer 2020, the technology is still in the pre-production phase, that is to say being tested on industrial machines in collaboration with loyal customers.
A prototype is expected by 2021. The techno should be shown to the general public in a year. Based on the Sigfox-Lowara network (an additional guarantee of safety), the Ubiqod has an autonomy of three years. Make ” connected objects without Internet Skiply has made it its trademark.

Today, contactless seems to have become the new manna for the start-up. In collaboration with the Grenoble Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), Skiply teams are currently working on another unit, capable of evaluating a customer experience with a simple gesture.
If techno is still secret, ambition is displayed. “ Tomorrow, we can write everything down, anywhere, without touching anything and in complete discretion. A bit like the guardian angel in Upload, the Amazon Prime series ! », Rejoices Jerôme Chambard.

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