Digital is a major pillar of this recovery plan “, Indicated the Secretary of State, Cédric O, during the presentation of the said plan by the government, Thursday, September 3, 2020. The announcements in digital, domain” strategic “According to the executive, will have an envelope of 7 billion euros” at least »Out of the 100 planned overall.

3.7 billion allocated to start-ups

According to the Secretary of State for Digital, this plan for 2020-2022 will be divided into four parts. First, 3.7 billion will be allocated to ” start-ups and strategic digital technologies ” with a view to ” to accelerate the development of the French Tech network “. This envelope will itself be divided into three budgets: 500 million will be used for fundraising for young French tech startups, notably through Bpifrance; aid from the Investments for the Future Program (PIA 4) will increase by 60% to reach 800 million euros over two years; finally, 2.4 billion euros will be devoted to specific plans on ” disruptive digital technologies: quantum, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, the cloud, digital health, etc. “- the details of which will be the subject of a” presentation in the coming weeks “.

In addition to support for start-ups, the government is providing 300 million euros ” training for digital professions “. On this point, no further clarification has yet been made.

Fiber, a “universal service”?

Daily digital technology everywhere, for everyone “Is a project that will benefit from 500 million euros as part of the recovery plan. The government will thus increase by 240 million euros the envelope allocated to the equipment of the territory with optical fiber which will constitute a “universal service” just like water or electricity. The stated objective is that of a fully fiberized France by 2025. Apart from infrastructure, an “unprecedented and historic effort” of 250 million euros will be devoted to the fight against the fracture and electronism digital.

The idea is to continue the momentum started a few years ago, by training “ digital mediators “, Opening up third places, by building tools” simple and secure “So that” digital caregivers “can help” people far from digital “.

385 million for small business transformation

In addition, the recovery plan provides for 2.3 billion euros for the digital transformation of the State and territories and companies, for which 585 million euros are specifically planned, including 385 for the most numerous but more modest. , that is to say Very small enterprises (TPE), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Intermediate-sized establishments (ETI).

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will speak “ in the coming weeks “On digital,” a subject that is very close to his heart “Said Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O.

A missed appointment?

Following these still vague announcements, the reactions are diverse. Quoted by AFP, InfraNum, the federation of companies working on fiber or mobile connection in the territories, described the plan as ” strong signal »For the digital sector. But, InfraNum nonetheless warns about the future financial consequences of the implementation of fiber such as ” essential service “.

For his part, Frédéric Mazzella, founder of BlaBlacar and co-president of France Digitale, the leading start-up organization in France, believes that if “ the ambition and the diagnosis are good, we want to make sure that the message is clear, including to the general public,: ” Digital = employment ”. The recovery plan must also clearly display this “. A strong signal would have been to devote a bigger envelope to it. ” It is kind of a shame He regrets.

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