That’s it. Salto, the French-style Netflix, is officially available to everyone. The platform can be accessed both from a computer’s web browser and from a smartphone, an application is available on Android as well as on iOS.

With the first month offered, Salto hopes to seduce the French public. The platform, which claims some 10,000 hours of series, films, documentaries and children’s programs, does not only offer programs on demand. It also offers direct access to nearly twenty channels as well as their replay.

After the first month of free trial, you will need to choose one of the three available plans. Billed at 6.99 euros, 9.99 euros or 12.99 euros, they respectively allow simultaneous access to the platform on one, two or four screens.
All offers offered by the service are non-binding and can be canceled at any time. Here is everything you need to know to start using Salto today.

1. Go to Salto

The Salto streaming platform can be accessed in several ways: by going directly through the web application, from your computer’s browser, or by downloading the mobile application on iOS or Android.

Access Salto online (Free)

Download Salto for Android (Free)

Download Salto for iPhone (Free)

2. Create an account

So go to Salto from the online web application or via the dedicated mobile application. The platform offers a free, no-obligation month trial, which still requires registration.

To do this, on mobile, tap I discover Salto, then on I subscribe by selecting one of the formulas you wish to opt for later.

From the service’s web interface, click Take advantage of a 1 month trial offered, then on 1 month free trial on the plan you want to subscribe to after the free trial month has passed.

Then fill in your account data, choose a password, and validate your registration by clicking on the button Register.

3. Configure a payment method

While Salto offers a month’s free trial, you will need to set up a payment method to complete your registration for the service. As the platform is non-binding, no direct debit will be made during the first 30 days of the service. You can easily cancel your subscription to the service before the end of the trial period so as not to be billed.

Salto offers two possibilities for payment. You can pay by credit card, or via Paypal, after connecting your account. Once you have chosen your payment method, click on Continue.

4. Log in to Salto

If all went well, you should now be registered for Salto. A login window should then open in front of you. Enter your username and password and log into your account.

Then choose the profile associated with the account (and the chosen plan). You can choose a profile in your name, select a profile Kids where the selected programs will target children, or select a profile Several that will mix together program suggestions for the whole family.

5. Navigate in Salto

The general interface of the service is well thought out and offers fairly clear navigation. You will be able to browse the content by Thematic or by Channel, but also let the platform suggest programs through different sections (The Top Salto, Ca just arrived, All the replay, Previews, etc.) .

While Salto seems to work fine on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, the service may not work on other browsers. This is for example the case of Brave which is considered by the platform to be too old.

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