If you use Google Photos to manage your photos, you are not without having that the service of Google, doped with artificial intelligence, allows you to easily search for photos by entering the names of objects, fruit, vegetables, etc., or to extract text contained in an image to use it in another application thanks to Google Lens. But Google Photos is also able to recognize faces and animals.

Disabled by default, face recognition is extremely handy for easily finding the photos of loved ones among the thousands of snapshots stored in your library. Find out how to activate it and how to use it to take full advantage of it, from the web version or the iOS or Android app.

1. Activate face recognition

If you haven’t already, go to Google Photos, press the main menu and enter the Google Photos settings. Then enter the menu Group similar faces and activate the Grouping faces.

From there, Google Photos should start working to automatically sort photos based on the faces in them. If the function is activated for the first time and your photo library is large, wait a few hours or even a few days for the platform to regroup the photos by classifying them by faces. When new images are stored on the service, face recognition will be automatically applied to them.

2. Access photos by face

To find the images classified according to the face, go to the tab dedicated to Research. At the top of the screen are grouped the People whose faces have been detected. You can scroll to the left, or access all the detected faces by pressing Show all.

3. Identify faces and refine recognition

For each face, it is possible to enter the name of the person. To do this, tap a face and then at the top of the list of photos on which the face has been detected, tap Add name.

If you have already identified the person, Google Photos will ask you to confirm whether or not it is the same face, in order to associate the new photos with it. This will help the artificial intelligence to refine the recognition of faces on future images loaded into the application.

4. Show or hide people

Chances are, you have photos in your library of people whose faces you don’t necessarily want to see as soon as you open Google Photos. To avoid this, it is possible to hide people (or show more, if you want).

To do this, go to the tab Research of Google Photos, then in the section People, Press on Show all. Then press the option button, represented by three small dots and choose to Hide and show people.

Here you can choose to show or hide the faces recognized in the application, but also take the opportunity to refine Google’s artificial intelligence by adding new images to a face already identified in the application.

5. Remove photos from the results

When trying to recognize faces, Google Photos may make some mistakes. If you spot one or more images that do not correspond to the face to which they are associated, select the photos, press the options button represented by the three small dots, and choose to Remove results.

Do not hesitate to repeat each of the operations from time to time to validate new photos associated with already known faces so that the face recognition of Google Photos will improve and automatically associate more photos with the correct faces.

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