how to activate multimedia control key support now


After Google Chrome, it is Firefox’s turn to take over the multimedia control keys found on some PC keyboards. In version 81 of the browser – still under development – early beta users can already control media playback using the dedicated keys on their keyboard.

This new feature, which should be enabled by default in Firefox 81, is however already available in Firefox 79. And it is within the hidden experimental features that you have to go to take advantage of it. Here’s how to activate the feature today in Firefox 79

1. Access the experimental features of Firefox

Open a Firefox web browser window on your machine then, in the address bar, type about: config.

In the alert window that appears, click Accept the risk and continue.

2. Activate control key support

In the search field displayed at the top of the window, search for media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled. Then click on the button Reverse represented by a double arrow, to the right of the line. The value False should go to True.

Then search for the function and activate it as well, as you just did previously.

3. Restart the browser

Then close all browser windows and restart it so that the modified elements are taken into account.

Then head over to your favorite music streaming platform. You should be able to control play and pause of a song, but also skip to the next track or go back to the previous track.

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